1. To expand our agricultural arm – farming crops and livestock,
  2. To maximize the and project our agro products processing,
  3. To grow the next generation of agriculturists through capacity building and human capital development that will enhance food security
  4. To be a leading firm in consulting for Governments, MDAs and human capital development

We have trained MDAs staff, potential and hands on agriculturists and other stakeholders on: 

  1. Increasing the Competitiveness in the Agricultural Sector
  2. Enhancing the Environment and Countryside through Support for Land Management
  3. Improving the Quality of Life in the Rural Areas and Diversification of Economic Activities
  4. Leading Change and Organizational Renewal
  5. FCT IRS Strategic Plan
  6. FIRS Leadership Academy 2017
  7. Ebonyi State BIRS - Principles of Taxation and Basics of Tax Administration.

A two hectare farm is being developed in Enohia Itim, Ebonyi State for crops, animals, storage, farm shop and agro-products processing.

This will primarily be a demonstration farm for out-growers to benchmark against.

Our farming activities revolve around: Rice, Cassava, Spices, Fish, Palms and Agro-products processing

  • Rice: One hectare farm at Oso-Edda in Ebonyi State for the cultivation of Brown and White rice. In 2017, our rice yield stood at 4 tonnes per hectare.

  • Cassava: Smalll scale materials replication for garri production
  • Spices (Ocimum gratissimum - scent leaves, Piper guineense - uziza leaves)We have been involved in the cultivation of these spices due to their huge health benefits to mankind

  • Fish production with the capacity to supply both fresh and dried in range of spiced flavours


  • Palms: We have a palm plantation and oil production is expected to commence soon

  • Agro-products processing: A processing plant and warehouse for storage is being developed alongside other projects.

Watch this space.